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Vintage Amateur and Military Radio Amateur/military receivers and transmitters, morse, and any other related vintage comms equipment.

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Junk Box Nick
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Default Re: What is QRP?

Originally Posted by SiriusHardware View Post
73 (not a Q-code, but an ancient telegraphy abbreviation for 'best wishes'!)
And no doubt chosen for the familiar rhythm of its sound...

Dah Dah Dit Dit Dit... Dit Dit Dit Dah Dah
When in short trousers and listening to my first hams I remember being baffled by someone making a comment then saying somewhat flatly ‘H I’.

This being derived from .... .. diddyditdit ditdit being the morse equivalent for laughter.

Of course these days when we want to emphasise that the comment was humorous we bung a smiley on the end.

Welcome to the quirky Tony Hancock world of ham radio: “Friends all over the world! Just none round here.”
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Default Re: What is QRP?

Originally Posted by wireless_john View Post
The military in my time used Z Codes and when it was a question, it was preceded by INT.

So INT ZBA meant 'What is the delay'. I only ever used them on teleprinters but the radio operators used them with Morse code as well.

Sometimes it took so long to work out what was being said that it may as well just have been sent in English!

I was thinking of Z codes when I read this, at the RAF HF Receiver station (1980s) we would usually use Q codes in teleprinter conversations useful to get an instruction or question across quickly especially if the signal was deteriorating. We did use Z codes but the only one I remember was ZAL (I'm closing down now) at the end of conversations.



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Default Re: What is QRP?

QRP, according to a t-shirt a few years back at Hamvention in Dayton, is 1500 - 1 Watt ( Legal us limit )
Real QRP guys think more about max to 5 Watt.
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