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Hints, Tips and Solutions (Do NOT post requests for help here) If you have any useful general hints and tips for vintage technology repair and restoration, please share them here. PLEASE DO NOT POST REQUESTS FOR HELP HERE!

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Default Philips T & M Manuals!

. . .If you are printing or putting together any large Philips T & M Manual, it is useful to note that each fold of a large foldout sheet is treated as a numbered page!

For example, Fig. 12.20 (Z Amplifier, Focus and Power Supply Circuit Diagram) from the very thick PM3266 Storage Oscilloscope Manual, which has "327" on the top right hand corner of the diagram, would have "326" as the fold to the left of this and "325" is the left–hand part of the sheet where the bindings are, and turning the sheet over, (which is blank) gives you "328", "329 and "330", where "330" is the right–hand reverse side of the sheet nearest the binding!

. . . The next printed sheet would be "331", "332" and "333", with the printed number "333" at the top right–hand corner of the sheet away from the binding, turning it over gives "334", "335" and "336" with page "336" nearest the binding on the reverse side!

. . .The left–hand and middle folds of the foldout, along with all the folds on the blank side, do not have a physical page number printed, but this is how Philips arrange them!

. . .I hope this clears up the mysterious gaps you find in Philips Manual page numbers!

Chris Williams
It's an enigma, that's what it is! This thing's not fixed because it doesn't want to be fixed!
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Default Re: Philips T & M Manuals!

I am in the process of scanning the (massive) manual for the PM5570 right now and had noticed this. Was puzzled by it at first. My observation was that each fold out occupies 4 page numbers, even though only one is printed on it.

... which is rather annoying when you are trying to check if you have the entire manual scanned
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