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Old 18th Nov 2005, 2:13 pm   #1
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Default 405 line shutdown dates

I know the main shut-down date was in 1985, but does anyone know the dates the transmitters were shut-off around the country? Was there a 405-line service covering several areas in 1985, or was it just London (from Crystal Palace)? Was it only a BBC service that persevered this long too, or was ITV still broadcasting?

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Default Re: 405 line shutdown dates

Hi Sam , I think most of the info can be found here:-

Most transmitters closed early January 1985. .

Regards, Mick.
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Old 8th Mar 2006, 9:35 am   #3
Focus Diode
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Default Re: 405 line shutdown dates

Can't recall the exact dates but I do remember Pontop Pike ch5 still being on the air a day after Burnhope ch8 closed down. Pontop ch5 seemed to be on very low power however, by late afternoon it couldn't be seen at all.

Tyne Tees Television's Neville Wandless paid tribute to, "An old friend who was getting rather old",during the lunchtime "Lookaround" feature a day after closedown.

Cheers from Brian
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Default Re: 405 line shutdown dates

In our house we had 405 only right up until the closedown. Until 1985 I'd never even seen a colour TV or BBC2- literally! I then lived in Essex and so received Channel 1 from Crystal Palace. We had a late 50's set which had been bought second hand in the late 60's. This was the set I grew up watching. When I see programmes now from the 70's and early-mid 80's they look so odd in colour!

I do remember staying up to watch the 405 closedown, as far as I remember both BBC1 (Channel 1 from Crystal Palace) and Anglia were both still transmitting on 405 well in to January of 1985. I remember staying up to watch BBC1 close down, and, some years later, I was able to obtain a video recording of this which I still have. It was basically an announcer with a working 405 line TV in display, then the BBC globe and an announcement followed by the national anthem. I didn't see Anglia close down on 405 as there was no way of watching both.

I do then remember the fuss of having to have a new aerial and a dreadful Philips colour TV - I was very sad to see the old 405 set go, but I do remember someone buying it for £5, goodness knows why back then. I wish I still had it.
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Old 16th Apr 2006, 12:25 am   #5
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Default Re: 405 line shutdown dates

I can remember being rather disappointed when Kirk O Shotts didn't close down. The local press had said that the service would be turned off following the Queen's Christmas message so I set up the camera to record what I thought was the last program, only to find that it continued for several days more.


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