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Default Exeter Radio Exchange journey to Virgin

I was interested in the recent Mercury discussion I remember the upheaval in Torquay when they connected the college to the town hall in around 1982. Loosing a digger into a hole when they hit the main Sewer at the Junction of Newton Rd/Upton Rd

It brought to mind the Eurobell takeover of the existing duct network of Rediffusion Wired Vision in the Mid 1990's .

Rediffusion themselves took over the original duct and cable network of Exeter Radio Exchange, in 1942.

Eurobell became Telewest which in turn became Virgin.

These sorts of little histories must have occurred all over the UK and the rest of the world come to that.

We were quite grateful to Eurobell and took their TV service as soon as it was offered since getting a decent off air signal was impossible due to our location, one of our neighbours had a quad bank of antennae's to get a still mediocre signal.

It also gave us broadband retiring our dial up 56K service (2MB/S ISTR)

I am pretty certain the Rediffusion Wired Vision were already moribund or deceased prior to our arrival in Exeter in 1989 The Redifusion Web site suggests 1985

Like to hear from anyone with more info.


Mike T
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