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Where To Get Sets and Parts For discussions about swapmeets, rallies, NVCF and BVWS, car boot sales, antique and charity shops, dealers, newspaper adverts, the local tip and just about any other source of equipment (other than eBay).

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Default Duratool Desoldering Iron

I picked up a Duratool D01849 desoldering tool from CPC while ordering some other stuff as they had it on special. They are sold by a number of suppliers online and seem to go for between 6 and 8.
It's a cheap import from China so I wasn't expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. What you get is a 60w iron with a desoldering pump built into the handle, and the bit has a hole in it through which the vacuum is drawn. You pop the hole over the component lead and when the solder has melted you push the button. It works surprisingly well. My only gripe is the thing is a bit fiddly to clean out, but if you've got a fair bit of desoldering to do it might be worth a look
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Default Re: Duratool Desoldering Iron

I have one of those and used it on removing a 28 pin DIL that I could not afford to destroy but needed to fit a socket. It did work quite well, a bit bulky due to the mains lead being stiff but I thought well worth the money.

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Welsh Anorak
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Default Re: Duratool Desoldering Iron

I have one as well. It's not used too much, but in the Nineties and early 2000s I went through loads of them. They were great for changing LOPTs and general large component work. They were unavailable for years and now they're back again.
Being impressed with these I bought a stand alone version with a vacuum pump and 'gun' which was something of a disaster and never worked properly.
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Default Re: Duratool Desoldering Iron

Think I will stick with good quality de solder braid.Not the first time a sucker has taken the print off.
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