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Hints, Tips and Solutions (Do NOT post requests for help here) If you have any useful general hints and tips for vintage technology repair and restoration, please share them here. PLEASE DO NOT POST REQUESTS FOR HELP HERE!

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Default Re: Extra flux anyone?

I think they had a Art Deco factory on the Great West Road. I seem to remember a large neon sign at the front entrance and that was many decades ago! John.
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Default Re: Extra flux anyone?

Fluxite and Rosin.
Picking up from G6Tanuki, I dissolve violinists' Rosin in Propanol (isopropyl alcohol) to use as a paper adhesive, repairing the binding of books. The brown colour means it must be kept to the back.
I have just tried some as a flux. It is a bit too volatile and liquid though it did work. A paste like my original Fluxite was much better. Smell was much the same.
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Default Re: Extra flux anyone?

I always carry a can of both "No Corrode" aka here as "Noke" brand flux and a bottle of liquid rosin in my kit.
I find that the old solder rolls, often need the flux boost to solder well. (Keep in mind, I have rolls of rosin core solder dating back into the 40's).

I absolutely detest this new fangled "Lead free" solder. It makes poor joints at the factory, but made me a real wad of cash fixing the sets bad solder joints when I was in business.
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Default Re: Extra flux anyone?

Originally Posted by Heatercathodeshort View Post
These two nasty quality colour slides are shots of the Fry's Metals foundry at Colliers Wood, the home of Fluxite in 1977. The original slides are very good quality taken early evening.
I scanned them with my flatbed scanner. I have a slide scanner, fantastic quality but I don't have a driver for Windows 10. [Silverline]it's such a pity.
The entrance was more like a church than a metal works. It was one of the last major manufacturing plants in Colliers Wood/Mitcham. John.

I used to drive over the bridge past that building every day on the way to work - like everything else it gave way to shops and tiny flats for people that have to travel miles to get anywhere to work.
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