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Default Same circuit in a different box X3

Having finished restoring an Ever Ready Sky Baronet portable, I started on a Sky Countess for what I thought would be a change. Looking at the PCB and thinking this looks familiar I loaded No2 of Paul Stennings excellent circuit CDs only to be directed to ERT Service Sheet, 1163 for both sets

I knew that the Sky Baronet was electrically similar to the Berec Matador but was suprised that the Sky Countess was the same as well.

I suppose by 1958 most of the design effort would have been focussed on transistor models
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Default Re: Same circuit in a different box X3

Bush did this as well, with the AC11, AC34 etc......................
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Default Re: Same circuit in a different box X3

It isn't necessary to wait for transistorization to spur makers into 'badge engineering' - it's been going on since the early days. Think about Philips and their Mullard branded, differently cased but internally identical ranges (or even the often identical or virtually so Stella sets). Aerodyne and Alba crossed paths in the same way in the 1940s and in the 1960s, HMV, Ultra and Marconiphone TVs were the same under the skin. There's many, many more examples of this process which is alive and well today in most areas of consumer electronics.
Regarding Ever Ready, the chassis used in their 1940s 'table model' all-dry receiver was also used in their portables of the time.
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