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Default LOEWE 5281 TV chassis 110Q23

This, my main set, gave a bright raster with retrace lines upon powerup this morning. Measuring across the RGB o/p stage rectifier on the CRT PCB I'm only getting some 60v. No obvious burnups. Resoldered a few suspicious looking joints to no avail.

I'm working blind here as have no schematic despite a few web searches. The supply voltage appears to be derived from the LOPTmr pin 4, via R547 but it's a crowded board and not that easy to trace. Ring any bells for anyone?
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Default Re: LOEWE 5281 TV chassis 110Q23

The rectifier should be on the chassis, as far as I remember Loewe.

The 110Q23 is also called Q2300, maybe this helpsin searching for a schematic.

Does it have a Philips ESF/ERF tube?
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Default Re: LOEWE 5281 TV chassis 110Q23

Hi Ben
Can you locate the point were the 200v ( apr) Arrives at the crt base, try tacking a 4.7uf 250v from this point to chassis if this clears the fault look for
oc cap after the diode from the lopts . I might have circuit in my shed I will look after

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