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Vintage Television and Video Vintage television and video equipment, programmes, VCRs etc.

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Default Re: Here's a challenge for you guys...

Thanks DAZ. I handled quite a few of the GEC models but not a single Thorn! Surprising considering the massive number of Thorn receivers around London and the South East. The various UK regions had different customer tastes. Some receivers were very rare say in the North but hardly seen in London, and the reverse of course. John.
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Default Re: Here's a challenge for you guys...

Also Ultra 6629, 900 chassis, with L, T, H on the turret, with channels 6 & 7 absent !
23" twin panel tube.
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Pilot Mariner
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Default Re: Here's a challenge for you guys...

I'm still trying to find the model number of my childhood TV. I know it was a Baird from the early 60s which had a vertical channel selector scale with motorised clunking tuner. It had VHF radio built in, stations of which were selected by the vertical channel selector. I think it was rented from Radio Rentals.
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Default Re: Here's a challenge for you guys...

You can see a nice picture of an Ultra 6627 - 19" Dual Standard with VHF radio (900 chassis) - HERE

Note the three position system switch - Radio | 405 | 625

The VHF Turret Tuner then has positions for Light, Home and Third

There was definitely a rental version of this set. I had a near identical set as a teenager, but re-branded for "Robinson Rentals". It had the same control panel layout but, if I recall correctly, it was a burgundy colour, with the CRT being protected by flat plate glass. I obtained it from the small TV shop repair I was was working in at the time in lieu of some wages. The boss was shrewd enough to know that he would have difficulty selling such a dated looking set secondhand at that time (1976) as everybody wanted push through and squared off tubes by then, so offered it to me. It served me well as a bedroom set though.

As far as I recall, when the system switch was in the radio position the HT was cut off from the Line and Frame output stages and the heater chain was also altered to place a wire wound resistor in circuit to compensate for the unwanted valve heaters (so not much actual power saving in radio mode!). The LOPT was of the previous 850's pitch overwind type with EY86 rectifier, rather than the later "jellypot" tripler combination - no flywheel sync board, of course.

Unfortunately, I've never managed to find an example to transport me back to my youth. Another case of, "if only I had kept it"!

A bit more info on the Ultra 6627 can be found in this older thread - HERE
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