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toshiba tony
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Default 36 inch CRT Hitachi flat screen.

OK, I know I used to be a stickler with my apprentices for manuals and model numbers but this one is mine and its recessed. Who has tried moving one on their own. It took four people to lift it on the stand!
Anyway, anyone worth their salt will know the one. Dolby on it and its the chassis that sticks on s\b until you resolder a load of earth links, what is the service mode entry. Thought it was vol - with vol + and menu on the remote. I want to see if I can force it to come on in the AV mode. Many thanks. Hope those I know on here are well, and the rest of course, be good.
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Red to black
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Default Re: 36 inch CRT Hitachi flat screen.

Hi Tony, for the Hitachi A8/D8 and the A20 which I think is one of the chassis your are referring to, the sequence is:
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Welsh Anorak
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Default Re: 36 inch CRT Hitachi flat screen.

I've often found this needs to be done several times before the service menu appears, especially if the front panel controls have been rarely used. I've probably still got dents in my fingertips from jabbing those buttons!
Besides the dry joints, these were very reliable sets. All the 36" sets suffered from digital artifacts, but the Toshiba, Panasonic and Hitachi were pretty good, unlike the miserable performance of the Thomson.
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