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Default Sony ICF PRO80 Audio

Hi out there

I've lost audio on my ICF-PRO80, went to install the repair kit only to find it gone. It was there a few months ago just before I moved house, so guess what, I think it got binned by mistake (NOT by me).

I had purchased it from a chap in the U.S. I seem to remember. I had done this a few years ago (probably 20 come to think of it) just in case my audio ever went as I heard it was a common problem.

Anyway there are some old posts on here but all the url's are non functioning now, but wondered if anyone had either the contact details of the guy in the U.S. or an idea of the fix and a circuit diagram.

Ever hopeful, Martin
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Default Re: Sony ICF PRO80 Audio

Hi Martin,
You don't need a special kit as such.
The usual problem is the surface mount capacitors ( silver round cans ) which have to be replaced .These are easily available on EBay etc
If you have very good soldering skills then you can repair this yourself
The manual is a available free on the Internet ,just google it
If you are unlucky the volume control can fail,this can be repaired by carefully dismantling
It and glueing the wiper back it place
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