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Default Re: Signal penalty with aerial in loft

My in-laws live in an old Yorkshire farmhouse and the Emley Moor transmitter is visible from their house. A few years ago they had very poor TV reception from their loft aerial. I moved the aerial around in the loft with a small improvement but the combination of a thick stone roof and adjacent trees were too much for the signal. There was a point on the house where the transmitter was visible between two trees and there was an old CB aerial mast fitted to the wall so I mounted a TV aerial on the mast. They now have a much more reliable TV signal.

I used to live in Beaumaris on Anglesey but the house was in the shadow of the local Llanddona transmitter, about 4 miles away. We did get a strong signal but most of it was reflections from the Snowdonia mountains. However if I pointed the aerial at the dip in the Great Orme we could get perfect reception from the Winter Hill transmitter 80 miles away. The aerial was actually on the floor of the loft. I could also get good reception from Winter Hill on a small set top aerial in the main bedroom.

I once had good reception of Tyne Tees TV in colour on the loft aerial during a lift.

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Default Re: Signal penalty with aerial in loft

The worst one I can remember was a bungalow which had metal foil in the roof felt. If you use a loft aerial then the signal will decrease when it rains and it is much more likely that the aerial will be pointing into trees which will also alter the signal when wet.

With digital signals a signal strength meter or spectrum analyser is essential for setting up so you can see the multiplexes changing as you move the aerial. Changing the height in the loft can also make a big difference.

Beware of installations with a masthead amplifier feeding a distribution amplifier, with digital signals there will almost certainly be overloading. Loft aerials are also nearer to the mains wiring and telephone cables which they can pickup interference from them.

Best wishes, Geoffrey.
Best Wishes, Geoffrey.
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