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Steve G4WCS
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Default SG-Labs 23cm transverter

Ok the transverter isnt vintageish but the prime mover will be, and I am. Been wanting to play 23cm for years, but have never had the inclination to do precise plumbing, and things have certainly moved on since I was first licensed.

Ive been looking at whats available transverter wise, The Australian minikits one looked ok, but it was on a few boards, and internet research revealed people had problems with errors an omissions when putting them together.

There is an american design for a basic “rover” transverter, boards and parts are available, but its fairly low spec, and by the time I’d factored in hours of building and hoping it worked, was umming and aahing about it.

The SG-labs design looked good, its got a sequencer and vswr indication built in and a reasonablebpower output, was available ready built and tested for 160 euros.

Was further inspired to go for it by the fact that there’s local activity, and a fellow operator down the road has one so I can a) pick his brains and b) get involved with getting up the hills for a play, and know there’s a local activity night to try and make contacts.

Its arrived, looks very well built, and comes with a 2 element pcb “test” antenna.

I need to sort some antenna adaptors and Im good to go.

Also looking at a VK4ADC antenna design and having a go at making it from uk sourced materials, jigging it up so its repeatable.

The prime mover is an Ic-260 impulse purchase because it was advertised as working and its a handy size for carting about.

I’ll keep the thread updated on my adventures unless it gets locked

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Default Re: Sg-labs 23cm transverter

Looks good. I suppose the LO is synthesised, since it has a link to select 1152 or 1150 as LO. How is that done?
Does it have a serial load synthesiser driven by a PIC or such?

My interest was whether the offset between LOs could be 6MHz not 2MHz.
Then you have 1297/1291 repeater shift.

Later edit - forget that - read the full article. The next pin implements a 6MHz shift. Doh!

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