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Default Sony EL-5 Elcaset Motor Rumble Noise

Hi all

My Sony EL-5 has recently started making a motor grumble sound when playing.

It’s nothing to do with an Elcaset though, as I know the Elcasets themselves can make grinding sounds without dissembling and re-lubrication. My machine still makes this noise when no cassette is inserted as my videos shows below.

I just wondered Is the motor in need of lubrication? It doesn’t seem to be affecting the performance of the unit, but it’s kinda annoying when playing.

My machine was nut & bolt restored when i bought it and it is immaculate inside and out so it seems quite odd as it’s been fine up until a couple of days ago.

It doesn’t seem to make the noise during rewind, just playing and fast forward.

Occasionally when playing a tape this annoying grumble sound fades, goes quieter and becomes much less noticeable.

Any help would be appreciated, but I understand Elcaset is a very rare and obscure format which not many people will have heard of or have experience with.

IMO I don’t think it’s serious or anything as the machine seems to be operating fine performance wise, but would like it resolved as it’s rather annoying more than anything.


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Default Re: Sony EL-5 Elcaset Motor Rumble Noise

I would take the cover off and look and listen. Try and locate from where the sound comes.
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