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Smile HP LaserJet 4 paper jam

I always had a love/hate relationship with these printers. Hate them because they're a maintenance nightmare - which always starts with "How the **** do I get the outer covers off?" until I refer the manual (here, a copy stored on-line). Love 'em because they're built like a battleship: totally over-engineered and just seem to go on and on . . . until the inevitable paper jam.
A common jam is at the top of the paper path, just before the print gets spewed out into the top tray. And it happened today - again. But the cause (so I believe) is well-known . . and perhaps the fix is . . . anyway, here's my mine.

At the top of that path the paper is pinched between plastic rollers and several soft-ish rubber rollers. (These are on a rotating shaft which is driven from the main motor). It's the latter that lose their friction. So, the paper gets fed to those rollers; the rubber rollers skate over the paper; the paper doesn't move; the paper still gets fed to those rollers and . . . paper jam. The fix is to restore the frictional surface of the rubber rollers: I use fine emery cloth, 300 grade - works every time. And, most importantly, that fix lasts - and it is cheap!

HP may - or may not - still have the service manual available on-line from their archive. If anyone has a need for an extract from that, send me a P.M.

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Default Re: HP LaserJet 4 paper jam

I must have fixed a few hundred of them 4's and the III's and II's before them, my all time favorite was the IIID everything modular and easy to strip and rebuild although not only built like a battleship they were the size of a battleship.

Shiney Rollers were always the first thing to go then the fuser.
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