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Uncle Bulgaria
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Default Black-painted hi-fi units - polish/shine?

I've noticed my CD104 is looking quite dull. The painted box has some marks and scuffs remaining after cleaning with soap and water. I wondered if anyone's got some top tips for cleaning up this kind of case. I haven't found anything too similar in a search, except for some mentions of the Farécla company having some minimally abrasive polishes.

What kind of finish do you lot get on your painted casings?
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Radio Wrangler
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Default Re: Black-painted hi-fi units - polish/shine?

Farecla make what's known in the trade as 'rubbing compound' in a range of different grades. At one end there is stuff like T-Cut on steroids that will go through paint fairly quickly, to very fine grades that seem to do nothing unless you are working towards a very high gloss.

Other firms make equivalents, EG AutoSmart.

You'll find them in motor factors but large 1kg bottles cost about £30 smaller bottles and toothpaste tubes are sometimes available, but the cost/weight goes up quickly. Other makes are about 25% cheaper. Seem to work just as well.

Doesn't seem to last as well as the old Belco compound paste in tins. Generally the new stuff is milder to reflect the main useds now having buffing machines!

Generally, these materials are aimed at very high gloss results as someone would want on a posh car. Maybe not what would fit in with hifi equipment.

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