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Old 14th Aug 2019, 1:26 am   #21
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Default Re: Is Windows 98 making a comeback?

I still use XP on a laptop for most on-line stuff, more convenient than my smartphone. However, Kaspersky will cease supporting XP next year, so a new laptop is on the shopping list.
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Default Re: Is Windows 98 making a comeback?

Windows 98 making a comeback? I really, REALLY hope not, I've only just got shot of XP here...
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Default Re: Is Windows 98 making a comeback?

Whilst working at Manchester city counsel I found 10 win 95 PC's in an old store room all working ( managed to pass them on to a forum member in Manchester ) all Pentium 1 with 64Mb of ram ( I was once told that win 98 can only address 128Mb ram )
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Default Re: Is Windows 98 making a comeback?

In theory W98 can work with 1GB, but if you go over 512MB then various problems are likely. I think the most I've ever used with it is 384MB (three 128MB sticks).

A W98 machine is a useful thing to have around for those occasional legacy things that need the direct hardware access that the HAL in NT-based systems prevents. The sorts of machines in question were likely made before the "bad-caps" problem that plagued so many P4-era motherboards, so are likely to have plenty of life left in them.

The latests browsers I'm aware of are Firefox V2 and Opera V9.64, but it's pretty much inevitable that modern websites won't render correctly on such old browsers - legacy support is hard and expensive to provide. Connecting a W98 machine to the internet is a "brave" thing to do...
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Arrow Re: Is Windows 98 making a comeback?

Originally Posted by Bazz4CQJ View Post
Does anyone still routinely go Online using XP?
Yes: I do. At present it is my default OS. And I am not experiencing any problems in so doing. Eventually I will migrate to Win_7. At present, severe time-limitations plus other factors are restricting my move in that direction.

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Default Re: Is Windows 98 making a comeback?

I was using XP on a tower unit until into 2016, but it was having hardware issues so I removed the hard drive (still working in an enclosure) and gave the away the rest on Freecycle.
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Default Re: Is Windows 98 making a comeback?

It depends on whether the PC is a tool or a hobby in itself. An old setup will carry on working indefinitely, failures excepted. The problem comes with adding new hardware or connecting to the outside world when you just want everything to work seamlessly and worry free. Most things can be worked round if you have the time and inclination to do so.
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Default Re: Is Windows 98 making a comeback?

I ran Win98 for years with a 1GB RAM system; I built the machine in 2002 and didn't want to pay for XP at the time, and it did everything I needed. I only upgraded to XP in the end when I wanted bigger disks than 98 supports (it can't handle above 128GB).

The only issue (I think it was the only one) was you needed to limit the size of the VCache in whichever ini file it's in.

So far as I'm concerned I still think the 98 shell (particularly the Start Menu) was my favourite, though I did get quite fond of the flashy effects in Windows 7's "Aero" interface- and then they took all that away and gave us the ugly "Modern" look anyway in 8 and 10. (I never could bring myself to use 8, it was truly terrible).

There was a large disk patch unofficially written for Win 98, but I decided I should upgrade rather than monkey around with that. I think the actual maximum RAM is about 1.5GB by the way, if you do the VCache thing.
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