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Vintage Audio (record players, hi-fi etc) Amplifiers, speakers, gramophones and other audio equipment.

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Default Re: RGD amplifiers?


After 46 years it's confession time…

Regards the 50p RGD amplifier I bought from a friends Dad. This was bought with the intention to build an amplifier for disco/guitar use using EL34’s…. so sadly, it came to an ignominious end being morphed into an EL34 amplifier back in 1974.

I stand guilty as charged, mi’ Lord

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Default Re: RGD amplifiers?

Well, you didn't strip it out and it ended up with another perfectly reasonable life.

And a pair of PX4 was about £70 in today's money whereas a pair of EL34 was only about £20......
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dave walsh
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Default Re: RGD amplifiers?

Good point GJ [post 18*] and Bill's 8 ohm observation is very interesting. Even in an original 1046 cabinet you could sneak in an extra speaker. A few years back, one Forum member got an empty rare RG cabinet and against the odds, replicated the original set up [on top] with a "temporary" modern amp below before sourcing an original. I questioned, if it had been left in place, whether anyone would have noticed and got some interesting and quite intriguing responses. Mind over matter perhaps?

Dave W

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