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Where To Get Sets and Parts For discussions about swapmeets, rallies, NVCF and BVWS, car boot sales, antique and charity shops, dealers, newspaper adverts, the local tip and just about any other source of equipment (other than eBay).

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Default Aldi magnifier lamp offer

Aldi currently list a magnifier lamp at 20 on their website but I found while getting the shopping today that they were down to 6- not sure for how long this offer has been on, it may be old news but obviously I'm trying to keep visits to the shops few and far between right now! It is a circular fluorescent type (possibly why they're trying to get rid of them) and by time the existing bulb gives out, spares will probably be unobtainium but I expect folk here would have the gumption to retrofit white LEDs and appropriate PSU instead. It even has a re-wireable 13A plug with brass earth pin if you eventually decide that the rest is rubbish....

At 20, it's not bad but at 6, a steal. Pleasingly styled and chunky, my one proviso is that the base, whilst reasonably heavy, has a fairly small footprint- no doubt so that they could get as many as possibly in each ex-China container. Those who work with laboratory/professional grade magnifier lamps might be a bit sniffy about this one, but you'd probably pay 10x as much or more.
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Default Re: Aldi magnifier lamp offer

I have the US version of the lamp, in black. I use it all the time and had it for years. The base is heavy enough so it is stable. I did wonder where a replacement lamp could be obtained, but I could do what was discussed, with LED's.
For 6 GBP, it's a great buy. I paid more for mine.
Dave, as usual! USradcoll1
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