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Vintage Test Gear and Workshop Equipment For discussions about vintage test gear and workshop equipment such as coil winders.

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Old 18th May 2018, 9:57 am   #1
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Default Taylor 45c Valve Tester

I acquired this tester from another member and it appears to be working nicely bar a couple of small problems, it is the one with 17 positions and a 3 way switch on the "C" switch and has the 2 extra valve bases for B10B valves and big B9D base.
According to the book the hand written entry for PL509 reads that I set it to A4 B7 C16 with 60/60 anode and screen and 40 volt heater. Now I have several PL509's a couple new in box but can get no Mutual conductance readings on any of them. Also it seems to read other valves I have tested and compared with my mates tester fine on Mu. but I can't get a gas test again you can hardly get the meter to move so my questions are :-
1. is that the right settings for PL509

2. why is the gas test not working, being a newer one the book with it states 1980 modifications fitted, the circuit for it is a poor photocopy so difficult to follow.

Anyone know of a link to a decent copy for the 1980 modified circuits?
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Default Re: Taylor 45c Valve Tester

So far as I know these were not made or modified after the Avo acquisition of Taylor so my assumption would be that it has been modified by a third party.
Is the poor schematic that you have specifically related to the modifications or just handwritten extras in the Mods list. There are a couple of testers floating about that have an additional 3 position switch connected to the "C" range to give extra positions, I vaguely remember it was for B9D and B10B.
The gas test directly uses the same circuit as for the Mutual conductance so if one isn't working then its related to the other.

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Craig Sawyers
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Default Re: Taylor 45c Valve Tester

I've been trying to remember how my 45C actually works. Setting up for a non-listed valve is - well a bit challenging.

But in the end I reckon that the settings for a PL509, assuming that it fitted to the B9A base with heater on pins 4 and 5, is

A6 B12 C16

I don't have a PL509 to validate those settings, but have a look and see what you think.

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David Simpson
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Default Re: Taylor 45c Valve Tester

Folks, 60V on the Anode & Screen of a PL5** hardly draws any Ia. Therefore getting a mA/V reading will be difficult on a Taylor45. I seem to remember that this problem with 45's was raised a year or two back & discussed at length.

Regards, David
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