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Default Leaky feeders in the workshop.

While working on FM sets with those small internal aerials I got on thinking about whether there would be any benefit in routing my outdoor FM antenna into some sort of leaky feeder or rebroadcast antenna onto the workbench. I did successfully do this to improve the comms inside a building years ago for our data system at work and that simply used an outdoor antenna connected through a wideband amp to another dipole mounted on the ceiling. I wonder if anyone has done any experimenting in this field? It would be perfect for fixing portables on the bench with whip aerials which don't always have an external aerial socket fitted.
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Hybrid tellies
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Default Re: Leaky feeders in the workshop.

If there is no FM signals finding there way in from the outside world into you workshop and you have an external FM aerial feeding your distribution amp you could plug a set top rabbit aerial into one of the amp outputs which should work. You would have to be careful to keep the radiating levels low to prevent any interference outside the confines of your workshop.
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Default Re: Leaky feeders in the workshop.

Rather than a leaky-feeder, I'd go the 'passive repeater' path: connect the incoming coax to a half-wave dipole inside your workshop.

[In the past I did this to deliver FM radio-broadcasts to the inside of a shipping-container: OK, I also interposed a +16dB gain 'distribution amplifier' in the signal-path to help out a bit]
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