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Default Re: Stella ST1007U

Originally Posted by davyrocket2 View Post
hello David in the photo is that a yellow capacitor i can see which looks like one of its leads is loose
Hi David,
It's C72 (0.047uF) and is a decoupling capacitor connected across the vision and sound circuits HT supply. It was moved away from the tag strip to make access to the bad solder connection.

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Default Re: Stella ST1007U

Yes David, the 1768 series always did produce Tom cat sounds when it warmed up presumably due to the pre amp anode load supply being from obtained from the boost rail via that 2.7m resistor.
It's a long time ago but something jolts my memory that the cathode by pass capacitor could be O/C causing this. We are going back to 1964 here! The O/C capacitor had little effect on the sound other than a slight lack of bass. I will dig the manual out when I have a quiet moment. John.
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