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Vintage Audio (record players, hi-fi etc) Amplifiers, speakers, gramophones and other audio equipment.

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Default Re: Interested in the Bush SRP31.

I have sometimes been confused with your posts Edward but have appreciated very much your experience and knowledge with which searched and i have read on many threads.

Thanks to James all the info with a breakdown made it easier to understand for example keep away from H cartridges try to buy ceramic if possible .

If Andrew had not posted i would not have known you can still get Acos or Sonotone cartridges .
Just because these were made ages ago does not mean everything is old and of no use whatsoever.The crystal carts are the most risky to purchase. But i believe we in the UK made quality items or even in Japan yes i had two technics sl1200 turntablles they were bullet proof. and had nagaoka cartridges bought from Musonic back in 2006 which has you are well aware Nagaoka are not cheap rubbish.
why do you think we are still buying Vintage items and restoring them because nothing now can be made to the same quality it is all made in China mass cheaply produced .
if anyone on here dislikes Crossley or the other branded re pro players, which i have seen comments on here of their dislikes .These are made in china why buy a Chinese cart and put it on you proud vintage record player ,might as well buy a Chinese record playerto match ,so that is why i wont buy Chinese.

So for some on here you may buy a Chinese cart that is your personal choice but how long is cheap cartridge going to last at a mere price of £14.99. they do look cheap.

I have every faith in correctly stored cartridges and if i buy a faulty new old stock simply send it back .like i did to a reputable stockists.

If you decide and purchase off Ebay oask questions to the seller has the cart been tested , like i did and get the right cartridge like i bought last week .yes the BSR SX6M, it works perfectly it cost £38.00 and it works fully on both channels .

This thread may be long but to the newbie in the same position like i was at the very start .you who may have less knowledge than i did ,This thread will give some great reading ,this in return hopeful finding when they buy a old Bush SRP31 1957 up to the lastly made SRP31D . Because the required cart to be fitted is in a 1/2inch mount you will have some choice and it will take Acos and BSR also Sonotone and possibly more maybe SOMEONE may add further here . which you can still find some old stock 4 specialist on the net to purchase or buy on line ebay and possibly more outlets i am still not aware of.

THANKYOU TO ALL who have passed on their personal views and comments on this thread .

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