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Default Stellaphone ST458


I've found a Stellaphone ST458, along with a few tapes. As I'm a composer, understandably I was very excited to find this old tape recorder. Unfortunately, after I plug it in, nothing happens. It appears that the machine isn't receiving any power through the mains.

I've checked and it appears that the belts are in place and have not turned into goo. The only belt that appears to be missing is the one that attaches to the time counter (is this one necessary?).

The plug is one of those two pronged shaving plugs, which then plugs into an adaptor. The adaptor has been tested and works on other devices.

I read somewhere that there should be a fuse somewhere in the machine, but could not locate it.

If anyone has any ideas about what might be wronged that would be super!
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Default Re: Stellaphone ST458

That's a Philips machine, these usually had a little thermal fuse hidden inside the transformer that can go open due to internal corrosion.

It can be seen near the transformer's terminal strip as a tiny plastic box embedded in the winding with two wires coming out of it.

I now have some replacement ones taken from scrap machines, but in the past I used to bypass them with a regular 0.5 amp fuse
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Default Re: Stellaphone ST458

The ST458 is the same as the Philips EL3548, it might be easeier searching for that type number when looking for service manuals or pictures of internal parts.
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Default Re: Stellaphone ST458

Cheers for the reply.

I have no circuit skills, could you tell whereabouts the terminal strip is? Is it near where the mains lead attach? Is it at the top of the machine or the bottom? Is the winding a coil of copper wire?

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Welsh Anorak
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Default Re: Stellaphone ST458

I'm afraid to locate and repair this fuse you do need some relevant skill because the part we're talking about is not just buried in a transformer but is subject to mains voltage with all the implications that has.
I'm sure there's a forum member near you who'd be happy to look at it for you.
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