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dave walsh
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Default Re: DVD Source Material 1950s

Going back to what to Emerituus said [post 16*] I have kept the Wireless World Projector/Recorder article for the best part of half a century. It's incredible to see it mentioned here: it seemed to be such a clever notion although I didn't understand that the running cost would be horrendous.
The "recorder" itself resembled an old fashioned plate cameras set up with a sort of cape covering the machine in a darkened room but in the days when a video recording seemed to be an impossible dream, it was very intriguing Sort of a home tele cine machine

This was a time when every thing was going on but the establishment decided what to film ...we youngsters were largely helpless due to cost and the conventional attitudes about what to film [and keep].
When Pennebaker brought out light weight 16mm cameras in the sixties [famously Don't Look Back...Dylan] that was a great step forward and a gift to history. In the nineties CH4 started using semi-pro Sony cameras hand held and changed the standard again by realising that the content was actually more important to the viewer than studio quality resolution.

These days anything can be captured endlessly and easily but then thrown away and forgotten... like Diana's Funeral flowers perhaps. Now we are trying to recover anything that we can but the contemporary record is [perhaps] devalued.

I hope that I'm wrong on this

Dave W
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Vintage Engr
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Default Re: DVD Source Material 1950s

Originally Posted by cheerfulcharlie View Post
Originally Posted by julie_m View Post
(In countries using 25 frames per second for TV, ciné film is simply sped up from 24 fps to 25 fps for television. This is barely noticeable except for increasing the pitch of the music by almost a semitone!
Don't think that is the case in this century as the old CRT flying spot film scanners are long gone.
They may have gone, but it seems like only yesterday that I spent a week on a training course at Cintel for Flying-spot scanners! I used to install & service the things. Wonderful EHT system, with interlocks to stop us opening the doors whilst the EHT was up.

We overrode them of course, - had to to work on them.
I still have a low voice, so all the warnings were un-necessary!

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Default Re: DVD Source Material 1950s

You can take a horse to water but you can't make him drink. See:
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Default Re: DVD Source Material 1950s

Over time various movies have gone off-copyright, whether because the original publishers have deliberately let them do so or it's happened because they've not renewed their copyright (the original copyright-holders could be long-since defunct so the copyright-renewal-letter went to a dead address...).

See - lots of good 1940s/1950s sci-fi B-movies there! ! and some classic British stuff such as

What better to show on an old British TV?? Download the videos, and if you want a hard-copy burn them to DVD (but I'd not bother - replay from a memory-stick is much simpler).
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