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Default GPO 332 Problems and issues with a Bush

Where to start...

The first issue was with my GEC, rather than GPO, marketed version of what we're most familiar with as the 332. Upon being rung one day, I picked up and all I could hear was a continuation of the ringing tone via the handset speaker. I was confused by this and set about looking at what might've caused any sort of problem. The only apparent issue was with the handset cord, which I replaced anyway as even if there was a connection being made, damaged wires are not a great idea and at any rate the cord was a modern replacement. No effect on the problem, however.

At the same time I noticed an issue with the wiring in my Belgian instrument, with the connections to the handset cord being decidedly poor. I have replaced this one also, but callers now report that I'm very quiet when speaking. I'm guessing that this one is my fault due to a lack of experience - Could anyone suggest which wires I may have incorrectly connected?

Thanks in advance,

- Dan
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