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Default GPO Conversion

Found this page whilst sourcing advices for decent crimpers for connectors and thought it might be worth a look.

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Default Re: GPO Conversion

Originally Posted by HECTOR63 View Post
Found this page whilst sourcing advices for decent crimpers for connectors and thought it might be worth a look.
You don't need a converter if you use a Grandstream Handy Tone/HT series Analogue Terminal Adapter as their 5XX/7XX and the currently produced HT8XX series all work with pulse dialling telephones. I have numerous 2XX/3XX and 7XX phones working on them. Plus I've even persuaded Grandstream to update the latest firmware for their current 8XX series to accept the 'reverse' New Zealnd dial pulses. The 5XX/7XX series are designed for American dial ratio of 60%/ 40% make as opposed to the UK's 66.6% break / 33.3.3% make. Easily overcome by tweaking the dial to make the pulsing contacts slightly closer. We've been using them for years on CNet our replica of the GPO public network of forty plus years ago with the old dialling codes - London still 01-XXX XXXX . Uses the Internet hence no 'line rental' or 'call charges' ! Even BT have some old Leicester 0533 XXXXX numbers as opposed to their modern 0117 XXX XXXX numbers! PM me for more info if interested -. Network reaches into over 25 countries! I administer it in UK (and most of the World except +1 land!)
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