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Default Re: BBC Time Pips

Originally Posted by dsergeant View Post
The latest issue of E&T from the IET has an article about the BBC pips:

I spy a small segue here:

"No one seems to have seen a need for this degree of precision, but early broadcasts did use their own ad hoc ‘pips’, marking the 8pm and 9pm news programmes with a time signal consisting of the announcer playing the Westminster chimes on a piano and later a set of tubular bells."

Many of us in our 60s will not read "Tubular Bells" without thinking about Mike Oldfield's album.

This may be well known, but I didn't know about it until last night, whilst looking up time signal stuff for this thread.

(Last 7 paragraphs)

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not at all surprised that this happened, but when I think of how I used my copy of T.B. as test source to put my turntables and amps through their paces, it just seems appropriate somehow.

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Default Re: BBC Time Pips

The inadvertent 'hidden' message on Tubular Bells was most interesting. Thank you for that little amusement and the most informative IET link.

So, are the 'pips' still used for anything useful / I did like the racing pigeon story too.
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