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Old 6th Mar 2012, 5:21 pm   #41
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Default Re: Does your telecom provider support pulse dialling?

A little off topic - but there are hand held tone generators available so that a standard phone can still be used on lines that no longer support pulse.

I must get one for the future!

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Default Re: Does your telecom provider support pulse dialling?

Originally Posted by Darren-UK View Post
Or he could, being in the same area, take his mum's 746 home and try it on his BT line. If the problem's still present the answer is then obvious.
done this, all works fine on BT line, just not on Talk Talk, Tried my 706 on mums line with same results, works sometimes, tone phones work all times with no probs.
As per previous posts on this thread, Talk Talk offer no support on pulse dial, I was just pointing out that it does sometimes work.
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Dave Moll
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Default Re: Does your telecom provider support pulse dialling?

Sounds to me as though the technology (as opposed to Talk Talk themselves) supports LD dialling but is much more fussy about timing than standard BT. If you have access to a 'phone that generates LD pulses electronically, you would probably find that it works more reliably - thus proving the point.
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