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Vintage Computers Any vintage computer systems, calculators, video games etc., but with an emphasis on 1980s and earlier equipment.

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Default Smoke Signal Broadcasting SCB-68 6800 Single Board Computer SS-50 Bus (SWTPC) card

I recently dug out a couple of these - 1 was labelled 'Ex Whipps X' and other 'Missing...' and I have attached some pictures + contents of the (address decoder?) 82S100 PROM & some 'Comms N' 2716 EPROM's that were in these (2 + 1, all fitted in different sockets across these two boards, and so some may have been removed before I got them)

I can't find much info on the 'net. This site that has quite a lot of info on the SWTPC, which they use the same SS-50 bus connector as, has an area for SSB - But mainly for a later SCB-69 (6809) board:

But the SSB Wikipedia page
says "Smoke Signal released a single-board computer a year after the Chieftain, called the SCB-68. It featured the same 6800 processor as the Chieftain but only 1 KB of scratch-pad RAM and 2 KB of EPROM standard. Users could add 18 KB worth of additional EPROMs as well as a math co-processor, a real-time clock, and serial ports. The company adopted design elements of the SS-50 bus for this single-board computer"

And the 3rd Sep 1979 issue of Computerworld of mentions its release / that RAM is actually expandable beyond its 1KB Scratchpad (But presumably only via extra Memory cards & a backplane):

I wonder if anyone has seen any schematics or documentation for these, that covers the memory map / DIP-switch settings / contents of the 82S100 PROM
I found the old Dataman 48(XP etc) doesn't support the 82S100, but the (Elnec-designed) Dataman 48Pro range does and although an odd extra-parts adaptor is required, they nicely provide the circuitry details (Diodes need to be in place, for it to be detected, even for just reading this - See attached)

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