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Default BBC Making Match Of The Day (1974)

A really fascinating look behind the scenes of Match Of The Day in 1974. Lots of details to see in this and lots of shots of OB equipment and studio hardware of the day. Interesting to see a domestic Decca CTV19 dual standard colour tv in use as a monitor (around the 10m15s mark).

Well done to those at the BBC Archive channel for digging out these amazing clips!

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Default Re: BBC Making Match Of The Day (1974)


But I wonder if there are any recording of the actual games from back then??

In another current thread it's mentioned that there are insufficient 'head-hours' remaining on the old playback machines to transcribe and digitize the extant video content. Which leads me to ponder what are the criteria used to select what-gets-saved and what misses the lifeboat.

To me, Football and Rugby matches are just as important bits of socio-economic history as plays and classical music concerts.
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream" -Edgar Allan Poe.
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Default Re: BBC Making Match Of The Day (1974)

A world so familiar and yet so distant, seeing so much smoking seems alien now, a great shame the playback vtr's have limited head life, we forget that a lot of our memories are contained on stock that's only accessible via machines that are on borrowed time and impossible to replace.
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