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Default Baird T6 and T7 at Radiolympia 1936

I just came across descriptions of these sets from someone visiting the show.

It's interesting that the T6 is of similar form to the T5 (i.e. mirror lid) but with a 12" CRT and a radio but is cheaper than the T5.

You may need to zoom out your browser to view the two page layout.


Television Receiving Sets. Several television receivers were displayed at the radio show at Olympia. In some cases the manufacturers have not announced prices and in others no information.of any kind is available. Baird television receivers are manufactured under license by Bush Radio, Ltd., in three models, the T-5, T-6, and T-7. Prices have not yet been announced, but it is understood that type T. 5 will sell for about £90 – 10 shillings and T.6 about £78 – 10shilling, A special type of aerial is required for this receiver. - Electrical and Musical Industries, Ltd. ("His Master's Voice") have produced two, 900 and 901, General Electric Co., Ltd., also shows two, BT 3701 and BT 3702, and Pye Radio Ltd. two with models 4200 and 420l. E. K. Cole "EKCO – Scophony, likewise shows two, 201 and 202. Available information regarding these models follows: TYPE T. 5

TYPE T. 6 The general design and construction is similar to the large model T.5 already described. The T.6, however, in addition to receiving the transmissions of both vision and sound on the ultra-short waves, also possesses the added advantage of being able to receive pro grammes ln the Medium and Long Broadcast wavebands. The value of this will immediately be apparent, for not only can full pleasure be de rived from the daily television transmissions, but by operating a single control the set is converted to a broadcast receiver, capable of good quality reception from a number of British and foreign broadcast programmes. - - - - SIZE OF PICTURE. The size of the Picture shown by the T.6 is lo ins. by 74 ins., only slightly smaller than the T. 5, and is seen on an inclined mirror as in model T. 5. "CATHOVISOR" CATHODE RAY TUBE. This is mounted vertically below a safety glass window. In Picture brightness and life, this tube has the same outstanding features as the one in corporated in the T. 5 model. WALWES, POWER CONSUMPTION. A total number of 14 valves (including two mains rectifiers) are included in the five chassis, while the power consumption is lé0 watts. CONTROLS. The controls on this model are arranged somewhat differently from the T. 5. The two main ones, focus and brightness, are on the sloping panel at the top. Below this is the broadcast tuning, complete with dial, change-over switch for either television sound or broadcast sound on medium and long waves, sound volume control, together with two preset controls, which are adjusted on installation. the sloping fret at the base of the cabinet. CABINET. As illustrated below, this is in Walnut. Dimensions: height (closed) 4l in. , height (open) 50 in., width 2l in., depth 17 in.
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Default Re: Baird T6 and T7 at Radiolympia 1936

TV was to be 'launched' in 1940 with many interesting models about to go into production.
One of my customers from the shop days visited RadiOlympia in 1939 to purchase a TV but it never happened.
She was one of the first to take delivery of a D16T in 1946 and I have that very receiver in my collection. Regards, John.
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Default Re: Baird T6 and T7 at Radiolympia 1936

Hi Peter,
thanks for the info. I'm always interested in learning more about lost pre-war tellies as well as the ones that never made it to market.

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Default Re: Baird T6 and T7 at Radiolympia 1936

Hi Andy,

The T6 appears to do quite a lot with only 14 valves and apparently had a lower price than the T5. I wonder why there is so little evidence of it today?

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