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Default Acceptable mains wiring (for old radios).

Hello again. This radio had its mains cord replaced at some stage (I think i did it) with a very unsightly grey 1.5mm sq 3 core. The original had (IIRC) a 2 core bell wire type flex (What? no earth?).
What is the best cable type to use if i want to restore the original look and still comply with EN60950 ?? Or do I have to comply with todays electrical safety standards if it is a restoration?

Apologies for all the questions.
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Station X
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Default Re: Acceptable mains wiring


To make the radio as safe as is reasonably possible you should use a three core mains flex. I am a bit of a Philistine and tend to use white PVC sheathed stuff.

You might find braided sheath flex more acceptable and if you google round a bit you may find a supplier in Ireland.

We tend not to refer to specifications, standards and regulations, but use common sense instead. An AC set with a three core cable is generally very safe.

If the set uses single pole mains switching the switch should be in the live wire. Any accessible voltage selectors should be in the neutral wire.

AC/DC sets with a live chassis are a different matter as regards safety and the subject of much debate in these forums.
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Default Re: Acceptable mains wiring

B&Q now sell BLACK 0.5 and 0.75 two and three core by the reel or in handy pre-packed lengths.
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Default Re: Acceptable mains wiring

It's a good idea to also ...

1) Ensure the cable is properly anchored and sleeved where it enters the chassis and routed to avoid any sharp edges or corners.

2) Sleeve the mains connections where they go into the switch. Ensure the switching is double-pole and in good condition.

3) Ensure a 3-amp fuse is used in the plug. The earth wire in the plug should have some slack so it is the last to be disconnected should the cable be tugged from the plug.

4) In the case of transformered sets include a 60 deg C thermal cut-out bonded to the transformer laminations.

5) Megger test the isolation between the mains winding and chassis.

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Default Re: Acceptable mains wiring

And another one I have done for earlier radios that use the electromagnet in the speaker as a choke is to earth the speaker frame too.
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