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Old 5th Nov 2005, 1:12 am   #1
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Default Need a book explaining colour telly

Hi All
Does anyone have a 60's-70's era a book explaining colour telly which they'd be happy to flog ?
Thanks John Marshman

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Default Re: Need a book explaining colour telly

Standard books of that period are:

Colour Television by Carnt and Townsend
Excellent intro to NTSC but more limited on PAL etc

Colour Television Theory by Hutson
Less detailed but mainly relates to PAL, more on receivers, less theory

Both should be reasonably available through secondhand book dealers. Use a search facility such as

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Default Re: Need a book explaining colour telly

I think that the late Gordon J King's books were excellent. They turn up on eBay regularly for not very much.

He also wrote a set of 3(?) volumes in the 1970s with circuit descriptions of many of the popular sets of the period. These used to be available in most public libraries, but will probably be in store and only available by request nowadays (assuming they've not been sold off or thrown away).

If you're after something even more practical down to earth, go for the series TV Servicing: Beginners Start Here... that ran for many months in Television Magazine by S. Simon (actually, Les Lawry-Johns) starting in the October 1977 edition. I could photocopy you some if you're really interested (and not in a hurry). And I've just found a PDF of the first installment which I could e-mail to you if you PM me with your adddress.


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Default Re: Need a book explaining colour telly

My suggestion (but I don't want to sell it!) is :-

Colour Television With Particular Reference To The PAL System.
By G.N Patchett
Norman Price 1967 1970-1-2

Excellent treatment of the subject from theory right through to circuit examples (with a mixture of valves and trannies).

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Default Re: Need a book explaining colour telly

I have The Mazda Book of Pal Receiver Servicing by D.J.Seal which covers all aspects of the theory and servicing of early pal receivers (1960.s)
I used this book when working on the first colour tvs back in the 60.s.
Very detailed and in full colour. First class condition.

You can have it for the cost of the postage.

Send me a pm with your address.

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Default Re: Need a book explaining colour telly

Originally Posted by Royboy
I have The Mazda Book of Pal Receiver Servicing by D.J.Seal
I can certainly recomend this book. It was a bible we used often to get our heads into all the methods used.

I worked with David Seal for sometime when he was a lecturer, at what was the Guildford Technical College. I would love to have found out what happened to some of the ancient equipment.

Somewhere in the World (I hope) is a Pye crossfire telecine, Rank Cintel slide scanner, a few Marconi V322 vidicon camera's and what was then small handy camera's if I recall they were Pye Lynx's. Sorry for digressing.
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