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Old 26th Nov 2017, 6:05 pm   #221
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Default Re: Radio 4 198 sibilance

I am certain that the reason why Radio 4 LW consistently sounds so bad is because audio compression and limiting is now happening at both the transmitter and studio end in cascade with each other.
Whilst it is the producers overall responsibility for programme audio quality it is though to a BBC House Style dependant on the station. I have to say, the relevant document was on my screen only last month but can I find it now....
From memory, take for example Radio2. Here the dynamic range and compression is program and time dependant. According to the BBC, for the car radio/kitchen radio listeners morning and day schedules, a high degree of compression and perceived loudness is normal. This seems to include being the loudest station on air or so it seems to me.
At night time, it is a different story. The arm chair listener will be hearing both a reasonably wide dynamic range and any compression limited just to give the station a little punch.
With Radio 4 it is a different story. Because it is a speech station, intelligibility is the guiding factor and here compression, loudness and audio processing will be chosen to do just that. If only it was as simple as that.
Before the advent of studio audio dynamic range compression software and when band pass limiting was only undertaken at the transmitter end together with a dynamics compressor to overcome AM radio general reception shortcomings, UK radio sounded just like it would from a “pantry” transmitter.
Now we have loudness controls from the studio set to its meter “end stops”, automatic volume control, to help us hear the announcer breathing, a frequency dependant dynamic compressor to lift speech intelligibility and then on top of all this another dynamics compressor and gain node at the transmitter end doing the same. This, I suggest, is why the sound is so awful.
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Old 1st Dec 2017, 7:08 pm   #222
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Default Re: Radio 4 198 sibilance

Has anyone else experienced complete loss of signal on LW recently and spasmodically? That is for a few seconds at a time? This is on several radios and has been occurring for about 2 weeks , mostly in the mornings. My Philips IC 50 has a signal meter which shows this up well.
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Old 2nd Dec 2017, 8:29 am   #223
Kevin Hoyland
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Morning Radio 4 198 LW still good this morning in Sheffield on my 1956 Saba Radio.
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