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Vintage Test Gear and Workshop Equipment For discussions about vintage test gear and workshop equipment such as coil winders.

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Default Philips PM3055, PM3295 and PM3295A Documentation Tips!


It has been memtioned, on the EEV Blog Forum I think, in connection with the Philips PM3055 Oscilloscope, that the Dismantling Instructions are missing – not so if you download the 195 page book from Elektrotanya – Section 12 is only two sheets over three pages of A4, so easy to overlook!

The original PM3055 book posted was a useless affair with only a quarter of it (51 pages!) posted, but this has thankfully been put to rights – make sure you get the Elektrotanya book!

I believe one Member posted a tale of woe about the "primary converters 1 and 2" that go bang in the Philips PM3295 and PM3295A Oscilloscopes – may I be permitted to mention that there is a circuit diagram with component values provided by Philips for these, in the 322 page PM3295 Manual ref. 4822 872 05305, but it seems to be missing from the 417 page Philips PM3295A manual ref. 4822 872 05316 (I suspect whoever uploaded it either forgot to scan the circuit, or it was missing to start with –Philips state on the T.O.C. that there was one! – I think the PSU circuit from the '3295 book is practically the same – the layout drawings certainly seem to me to be, anyway!

(Philips do point out in their PM3295 books that you're not intended to attempt to repair these Primary Converter Modules, but I believe they can be teased open to get at their insides!)

My tip is to download BOTH books if you get either version of these oscilloscopes!

Chris Williams
It's an enigma, that's what it is! This thing's not fixed because it doesn't want to be fixed!

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