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Repair and Restoration Services Wanted If you need someone to repair or restore equipment for you please post your request here.

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Default A Brace of Tandberg Portable 41s

Greetings from across the pond!

I, quite by accident, happened across this forum.
So, thought I would ask a question.

I have a pair of Tandberg Portable 41s.
Given to me by a friend, because he knew of my love for the radio.

They are cosmetically very nice.
Unfortunately neither work, as in zip, nada, nothing.
(that's why he gave them to me, of course)

I would really like to get them working.
The skills to do so do not reside in me, though.
So... I am looking for someone who might do such work.

In the U.S. would be best.
But I would ship to somewhere (?) if legal/proper/practical/affordable/etc.

And advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Default Re: A Brace of Tandberg Portable 41s

You are very welcome here James, but you should be aware that this is a UK based forum, and while we have members all over the world, most are in Britain. You may find a convenient restorer more easily if you ask on a US forum.

For your info, these radios are notorious for failing speakers, which are a nonstandard size and very difficult to replace. You should be able to feel if the speaker cone is jammed.
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