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Default Anyone who can service an old radio-cassette 'Walkman' style unit?

I have acquired an old 1981 Toshiba KT-S1 radio-cassette 'Walkman' style unit. These appear to be quite rare now, and I am looking out for the record versions of these as well, which are even rarer.

Take a look at it, a machine certainly worth restoring, great build quality on it, not one of the later nasty all plastic machines.

I don't like working in this scale at all, but would like this to be restored if possible?
It's in fair external condition, fully complete, inc the cassette format FM radio unit. One screw appears to be missing from the case so someone must have been repairing this at some point in the past.

Tried it with 4 brand new batteries, and yes, the radio worked fine, although it only appeared to give a mono output even when the stereo light came on, which will need looking at. Also tapping the unit caused the power to go off and on, but this did not appear to be related to the battery compartment, more on the top where the radio-tape switch is.

Tried it with a tape, and it worked for about 3 minutes playing back a tape, reasonable sound but pitch was slightly off, and there was some obvious wow and flutter. All tape transport functions worked, plenty of torque. However, after 3 minutes the unit just died on me. No power at all to tape or radio, although the power light was glowing slightly. I tested the batteries, still fully charged, but nothing at all from the Toshiba aside from a faint glowing power light.

battery terminals a bit corroded, but not seriously as I just had the unit working.
Anyone expert in these early 80's Walkman type radio-cassettes?
Possibly a fault with the internal power supply, I could not get anything at all from plugging into an external power source at the correct voltage.

Would be good to get it in full working order, and sort out the motor speed and wow and flutter issue, and the FM radio only giving mono output.

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