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Default "7/10 AA" (Shorter 36mm long AA) NiMH Cells

I'm trying to replace a couple of "KAM Ni-MH 1.2V 850mAh" tagged-cells in a Silvercrest (Lidl-Brand) Rechargeable Battery-Shaver
- Apparently made by Targa-Germany (See attached photo inc, a Ruler against one of these cells)

BUT I've found these cells seem to be a very non-standard size, that I can't find listed anywhere.
- As although they are approximately the same (14mm) dia as 'AA' cells, they only measure approx 36mm in length
So rather shorter than 'normal' AA's (Which I've seen listed as between 48mm and 51mm
(depending if tagged of with a positive end pip?)

Whereas shorter versions of AA's are normally 1/2 AA (25mm?), 2/3 AA (29mm?), 4/5 AA (43mm) etc
- which are all not quite the right size.

With AAA's (10.5mm dia x 44.5mm), it seems there are AAA36(mm), 4/5 AA (37mm), AAA38(mm).
- But not as many variants of AA's, on the best table I can find of all of these:
(Although looks like there's an error on 1/2 AA length, as higher than 2/3 AA!)

Maybe, with more-recent, higher capacity cells, I could get away with a rather shorter 2/3 AA or a narrower AAA36 etc.
- Although cells need to be able to be charged at > 850mA? (if specified charge-time really is only 60mins).
But it would be nicer to find the exact size (or maybe see if 4/5 AA's some Shaver's use, would squeeze in, like the cells on this pacK: ).
Most other shavers seem to just use standard AA-size (Tagged) cells.

So does anyone know if there is a size-standard name for these cells?
- Or even better, where I could buy a few from ?

The manual for this (9.5yrs old) isn't much help, just giving capacity & voltage / telling you to remove these by cutting tagging strips before disposal. But it would be nice to be able to fix it, for the sake of the price of a couple of cells (Lidl were selling 4off-packs of LSD NiMH more-usual AA's & AAA's reduced to £1.99 a couple of days ago)

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