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Question Bush SRP31C repair and cartridge replacement.

Hi everyone! New here!

Just bought a used SRP31C player as well as a new ceramic stereo cartridge and stylus. The record player works but has a few faults.

1) The bass switch sticks so is stuck on neutral.
2) ON light flutters
3) Volume not as loud as it could be.

The cartridge should help with number 3.

Any tips on servicing? I'm handing it over to an engineer friend of mine to look at and install the new cartridge. Any help would be really useful!

Thanks, Laura
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Default Re: Bush SRP31C repair and cartridge replacement.

1 switch cleaner should sort that out
2 remove bulb clean contacts with switch cleaner and screw in firmly
3 replacing cartridge may help but these usually suffer from a faulty selenium rectifier and can be cured by replacing with a diode and properly rated resistor
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Default Re: Bush SRP31C repair and cartridge replacement.

These record players generally need very little work electronically.

As said above, if the rectifier is the original type it will definitely need replacing with a modern diode and an all important series resistor. A faulty rectifier always causes lack of bass with the control making no difference.

You may get away with not having to replace any of the capacitors. The infamous grid couplers are of a special type that don't generally cause any problems and the only paper Hunts is in a part of the circuit where any slight leakage it may have doesn't matter. The two cathode decoupling electrolytics are of a type that are known to deteriorate with age, but in this player even these generally don't give many problems.

These are a very good player that Bush unfortunately spoiled by using a silly half wave rectifier that was only just up to the job and a loudspeaker that's really a bit too small for the twin output valve amplifier. The built in tweeter may not be working, but isn't worth bothering to try to repair as it's a bit unnecessary anyway.

The cartridge can be replaced with a medium output ceramic type that are luckily still available.

Having said all the above, they still sound good and work well for what they are - better than most of a similar type.

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