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Default Grundig 3028/GB repairers

Hello, I am brand new on the forum, and to anything to do with vintage radios.

During the clear out of my Dad's loft when he died a few years ago, I found a Grundig 3028/GB radio.

My siblings and I could not recall it being ever in my Dad's house, and we are assuming it may have belonged to our Grandmother.

It initially worked, but then stopped. It has been in my loft until 6 months ago, and I am interested in finding someone in the UK (hopefully closeish to me in Fife, Scotland) who could carry out the necessary restoration works for me.

In addition to the internal working of the radio, the veneer on the sides and front of the radio are coming off, the top however is not too bad, and the front speaker, and display areas look ok too.

Can any of you recommend a repairer, I am very keen to get this done as a sentimental piece from my Dad's side of the family I can pass on to my own boys.

I have tried the internet sites but it seems very difficult to find one, hoping someone on here can shine some light.

Many thanks Richard
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Default Re: Grundig 3028/gb repairers

Hi Richard. The Grundig 3028 is indeed a very nice radio and well worth restoring. I'd just like to pre-warn you of the amount of work it may need and that the total cost is not going to be cheap. Not that I'm suggesting that you ever thought it would be so. It will require a lot of capacitors being changed, possibly valves, and the whole set will need to be electronically overhauled and possibly realigned too. Then of course there's that lifting veneer.. All in all you are talking many hours work to get that set electronically and physically back up to scratch.

As I say, a set well worth restoring and good luck finding someone who can restore it for you. It may well be that someone is able to do the 'chassis' for you, and someone else restore the cabinet. Good luck.
A digital radio is the latest thing, but a vintage wireless is forever..
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Default Re: Grundig 3028/gb repairers

Hi. I personally have a Grundig 5097, they are fantastic radios when working and restored. As highlighted above, electrically the capacitors will need to be changed as a matter of course due to the age of the set. Another potential problem with the Grundig sets is the piano keys which operate clutches for the wavechange mechanism. These can be particularly troublesome and time consuming and a lot of radio restorerers tend to avoid Grundig and Blaupunkt sets for this reason.

Being a 3D set they can produce a fantastic sound when fully working
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Default Re: Grundig 3028/gb repairers

Hello Richard would it be possible for you to post some pictures , to see how much damage there is to the cabinet . Mick.
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Default Re: Grundig 3028/gb repairers

Hi Richard, do not be temped to plug it in again.
I believe some damage will have been done when you initially powered it up after many years in the loft.
Some pictures of the internals may help to see if anything looks burnt.

As the other posters have said, a nice set and well worth restoring, but difficult to estimate the costs without looking at it.

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