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Default Re: Yet another MK14 tape interface (ESP32).

Well every day is a school day, thank you! I really should read the sbasm documentation.
My excuse is that I tend to avoid macros, long-hand works for me, I tend to think from the targets point of view which of course sees no difference
My next puzzle is how Slothie's example will try to interpret a predefined macro name as a value? do you 'undefine' the RET macro so ret can be used as a label?
; These values are the offset relative to P1 which points to 
; 0xF20, or the Ret label. All variables are stored before this 
; memory location at -ve offsets.
Row     .EQ 0xF03-Ret   ;Ram Offsets
Count   .EQ 0xF04-Ret
See why I avoid macros?

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