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Default Re: Massive Engineering Mistakes. Emley Moor mast.

Don't need to see it on the documentary.... I saw the real thing live, up close and real-time! Our family went for a look the morning after. Jagger Lane was closed, of course, but people were wandering round surrounding fields. It left an awesome mess. Smell of mud remains in my memory.

The first explanations given put the blame entirely on the weight of ice build-up on the guys. Only later did the vortex-shedding explanation come along. So various people have heard one version or the other.

Just yesterday I was looking at a tower on the horizon.... none other than the one at Emley which was replaced by the ill-fated one. It got re-used at Craigkelly and is still standing there, working just fine. It's a wide-based lattice style a bit like the Eiffel and Blackpool. It's been following me around!

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