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Default RE: Panasonic nv fs 90 no clock or display.

Update: I have changed all the power supply caps and still same thing, so the other 2 power supplies i have do the same thing but thought re capping the lot might change the way it behaves. here is the list of the ones i replaced:

C 26 = 16v 47uf #
C 14 = 16v 47uf #
C 25 = 10v 100uf #
C 24 = 10v 100uf #
C 32 = 16v 10uf #
C 19 = 16v 680uf #
C 20 = 16v 680uf #
C 27 = 6.3v 470uf #
C 21 = 50v 10uf #
C 18 = 50v 100uf #
C 22 = 10v 680uf #
C 9 = 400v 1uf #
C 8 = 400v 68uf #
C 23 = 50v 10uf #

I did at one point think oh its that screen that does not work so put that screen in another machine but it works just like the other 3 I have.

So power is going into the main board but getting lost somewhere. I`m really stuck now and to top it off the one im working on has now lost sound! if I pause and play the sound comes on for about 2 seconds then goes off again.. I think im loosing the battle even though I have 4 of the things!

Originally Posted by Red to black View Post
Blanket replacement of all PSU capacitors
Done them all, to no avail

Just a small update, managed to get the screen working by swapping out the board from another on into my main one... now no picture at all! loving these old players they are like a puzzle game in real hardware
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