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Thanks! your guy's post is very helpful!! And your Data on the output secondary of the transformer confirmed my suspicion as well, Glad to hear i'm on track with the transformer.

IC32 and IC36 was blazing hot! IC31 was starting to heat up to quickly. I found it impossible to find the LM317 so I settled for a LM338, I'm awaiting shipment from them. And Took a hard look and hope and prey my LM337's are not fakes! Waiting on that to come in the mail. spent 65 Bucks on that.

I recent learned Q32 is destroyed, I have not ordered that yet, as the are few and expensive, That is a ultra fast 500MHZ quick start up comonent that I have yet to find a replacement for, any ideals on that? I think 4 of them is 10 bucks on ebay if they arent fakes. I can steal one from one of my other Thandar gens.

I suspect IC17 and IC18 could be damaged due to Q32, Q32 is located right beneth the Amplitude potentiometer. near the power transistors. I also fear several zenior Diodes might need replacing, I have both diodes on hand. The only thing that really scares me is Q12, I have yet looked into what that even is or does, I would really hate to have to find that part since it has 6 terminals. I have replaced about 7 to 8 resistors. I'm stalled at this moment waiting on parts to come in. I also suspect Q28 and Q29 or the entire Buffer Circuit could be Damaged. I hope not, and I hope the Damage does not penatrate deep into the circuits.

The problem was, I used a Variac as a power source to power a Mosfet, and I was driving a (Bifillar Coil) with the fet Connected to the Variac Threw a DC bridge. I used the Thandar to Signal the Fet. I guess I ramped up the Variac to high and the fet broke down when It couldn't handle the Frequency. Thats when the variac went humming very loudly and smoke was rising from the gen, I assume R29 To R30 is where the smoke was coming from.

It's possible I further damaged the Thandar by incorrectly connecting the Transformer up, because I was using a scope and gaining measurments before I started screwing with that transformer, after that everything went to crap. I Think I need to give this thing a New Soul. Either way, I have Over a Thousand invested into Burnt up TG2001', As I have now a total of 7 of those units.

If I had known what a ***** it was going to be to order some of these components I would have just Bought a Cheapo, I am too far into this to back out now.
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