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Default Re: Ericsson N1014B Bakelite Line Cord Rewiring

Originally Posted by dustymott View Post
Hi there, can someone help?
Don't know if this is any good to you, but attached are some pics of the terminal arrangement of my N1014B (Telephone Rentals) version, and a circuit diagram for conversion to the BT standard plug-and-socket system.

Note that I have not fitted a 3k3 resistor - it works well enough without one, but if you need to fit one, replace the link between terminals 1 and 2 with it.

The N1014B is really a 'cut-down' type 332 instrument with identical components, but mounted differently with them all affixed to one base-plate. The terminal block only has six connections and so does not offer the flexibility of having all the bell connections brought out to it.

Conversion is self-explanatory as shown. Link (with strap or resistor) T1 and T2. Cut the blue wire from one of the 2uF lugs on the four-terminal capacitor and solder the blue wire of your standard BT lead to it (pin 4 on the plug, 3 in the socket). Cover with a sleeve or tape.

Connect the white wire to terminal 1 (pin 2 on the plug, pin 5 on the socket).

Connect the red wire to terminal 3 (pin 5 on the plug, pin 2 on the socket).

For the handset, terminal 4 (green wire) goes to one side of the receiver. Terminal 5 (red wire) goes to the other side of the receiver and one side of the microphone. Terminal 6 (white wire) goes to the other side of the microphone.

Inside the mouthpiece, the white wire leads to the crescent spring connection that the outside of the mic sits on, whilst the red wire leads to the pin bridge to connect the rear of the mic. One leg of the receiver wires is connected here, as shown.

The green wire leads to the receiver terminal only. Both receiver connections are made in the mouthpiece. I expect your set-up will be similar, if not identical.

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