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Default Re: Help getting Motor to Run on TK20

Hi guys,

Thanks for your help once again. I look forward to tracing this fault once I have some free time at some point this week and will update on the forum. First of all apologies for my mistake in writing mA instead of mV... thatís what happens when losing focus whilst writing. First thing to check is if the resistances between the 3 motor cables (disconnected from the cap) measure the same to rule out any open windings in the motor. My next step will be to apply a voltage to the motor with a variac and let it running at just above the minimum voltage it requires to turn.

If the issue is with the relay, I would not mind cleaning the contacts if only I can find a way how to disconnect it and take it out of the machine. These tape recorders clearly were not built for such servicing considering to get to some wins caps is an absolute nightmare. The other option Iím considering is to apply HT and insert back the 100mA fuse, again using my variac however only after I replace the selenium rectifier by restuffing it with 4 1N4007 diodes and also reforming the HT filter cap. Then I would have exercised some safety before applying a highish voltage.

Thanks once again
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