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Default Re: Another unusual plug and some other questions

I had one of the 5 amp 3 pin plugs, and mating socket, of the type shown in Matthewhouse's picture - they used to belong to one of my great Aunt's who owned a business in a small mining village so suspect that these may have been intended to be used on DC supplies at some time.

The Earth pin did indeed operate a latch mechanism in the socket which prevented the socket being switched on with no plug inserted and, conversely prevented the plug being withdrawn from the socket once the switch was in the 'ON' position.

The plug and socket were lost in a house move many years ago but from memory the pins had the same dimensions as a BS546 5 amp plug (although I may be incorrect) which suggests that the socket may not have been designed for DC use, as a standard non - latching plug could have also mated with it; I do seem to think that the switch assembly, in the socket, was of the "blade and fork type" though which was suitable for DC use.

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