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Default Re: FT101ZD Power output issues

Hi further diagram clarification: The components (capacitors) on the transformer side of the Resistors R1005, R1006 and R1010 are shown with an earth symbol but are in fact connected to the “0” or GND line at the PCB and is NOT chassis earth. ALL other earths shown are to Chassis earth, but are also shown as “GND”. Confusing. This was the reason I perceived them to be the same earth - later, PCB copper layout investigations, showed the GND’s were very different but using the same symbols and PCB printed “GND”. You might wonder why I linked them, well, a fellow ham had replaced the original cooked transformer. I have no reference position. Nothing in the User or SVC Manuals mentions they are not. Measurements of the Txfmr windings, indicate seemingly correct connections. Voltages are not exactly where they should be but seem tolerably in range. The main cct dgm shows the same earth symbol on the end of the transformer HT winding too? Sorry for this long explanation, but have been round and round this one and frankly puzzled. Anyone know how I can contact Harry Leeming?
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