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Default Re: Another unusual plug and some other questions

Originally Posted by AndiiT View Post
A recent purchase of mains plugs to add to my collection brought with it a strange round pinned 3 pin MK branded plug which at first sight appears to be a "standard" 5 amp one.
Good morning Andrew.

I have been searching high and low for this plug/socket type - the one in your second picture, and have joined this forum specially to reply to you. Thank you for posting it.

I remember as a child, round about 1960, moving into a new (old) house which had these sockets. I have never seen them since and have for a long time been trying to find out more about them, including their vintage.

I have a feeling that my dad, shortly after having moved in, had all the sockets changed for obvious reasons - we'd have had to buy lots of plugs to fit and they probably were no longer available.

Anyway, thanks for the post and pictures. Do you have any more information about these?
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